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Green energy overtakes fossil fuel investment, says UN

June 11, 2009

Green energy overtook fossil fuels in attracting investment for power generation for the first time last year, according to figures released today by the United Nations.

Wind, solar and other clean technologies attracted $140bn (£85bn) compared with $110bn for gas and coal for electrical power generation, with more than a third of the green cash destined for Britain and the rest of Europe.

The biggest growth for renewable investment came from China, India and other developing countries, which are fast catching up on the West in switching out of fossil fuels to improve energy security and tackle climate change.

“There have been many milestones reached in recent years, but this report suggests renewable energy has now reached a tipping point where it is as important — if not more important — in the global energy mix than fossil fuels,” said Achim Steiner, executive director of the UN’s Environment Programme.

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The four biggest ‘green’ marketing scams

April 23, 2009

n greenwashing, as in life, there are seven sins. There’s the sin of the hidden trade-off, for example, the sin of vagueness, and the sin of no proof. So says, which takes on companies that offer seemingly green benefits — often at a hefty price tag — with little results. As the green trend continues, companies in almost every industry vie for a piece of the green market, even the embattled General Motors has taken a chance on its own green product initiative.

But as the field of green products grows, so does the number of impostors. The following is a list of some of the most perplexing green products out there-and an assessment of just how scammy they might be:

Clorox “Green Works” products

Gas-saving magnets

Sephora’s “Natural Standards”

“Green” hand sanitizers

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Democrats Unveil Ambitious Climate Change Bill

April 1, 2009

Two senior Democratic members of the House revealed a climate change bill known as the American Clean Energy and Security Act. The bill would decrease the United State’s greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 80% by 2050. In addition, the bill would require every region of the country to produce a quarter of its electricity from renewable sources like wind, solar and geothermal by 2025. Opposition to the bill is mostly coming from the southeastern United States (aka Republicans) call that goal unrealistic because the natural resources and technology to meet it do not currently exist.

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OIL AND GAS: Obama seeks repeal of industry tax breaks, subsidies

March 13, 2009

NEW YORK ( — President Obama promised more money for conservation and renewable energy in his budget outline Wednesday, paid for in part by a mandatory cap on greenhouse gases.

The programs, originally laid out in the stimulus bill, include an effort to double the production of renewable energy in three years, primarily through tax breaks and loan guarantees for the industry.

The budget summary also increases funding for energy conservation in government buildings and private homes. It provides more money for cleaner coal-fired power plants, and to transform the country’s aging electric grid.

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If Columbus, Ohio Can Go Green, Anyone Can!

March 13, 2009

The city’s Get Green Columbus is setting an example with green building, local food, energy efficiency, planting trees and raising awareness.

When some people think Ohio certain things may come to mind: perhaps THE Ohio State University, with its major athletic rivalries and world-renowned research, or maybe major league sports franchises, or even perhaps a river so polluted it caught on fire (the Cuyahoga River of Cleveland). True, we Ohioans can sometimes be said to be responsible for selecting the President of the United States. But one of my favorite Ohio thoughts is something Jeff Foxworthy once said: “You might be from Ohio if you know all four seasons: winter, still winter, almost winter and construction!”

It’s fun to joke about states and their residents, and I know each has its own history of victories and embarrassments. But one thing I never expected to find out about this state I live in is how we are trying to pioneer living in a greener world.

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Make my Smoothie Carbon Neutral

March 6, 2009

‘Inlet Outlet’ could allow homeowners to put power from kinetic household activities

Besides exercise equipment, sources of reusable energy could include things like a refrigerator or gas oven/range, which generate heat that could be captured by a panel and converted into electricity. In addition, motion is everywhere: a welcome mat that is constantly stepped on, an outdoor trampoline, and a flag in the wind all generate kinetic energy that could be converted into electricity and fed back into the grid through the inlet outlet. No matter how small, inlet energy could counteract some of the energy consumed.

The designers hope that, if the inlet outlet plugs and adapters are easy to use, the system could encourage further development of household devices that can be used to generate electricity.

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