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One Fifth of World’s Population Can’t See Milky Way At Night

June 11, 2009

“Light pollution has caused one-fifth of the world’s population — mostly in Europe, Britain and the US — to lose their ability to see the Milky Way in the night sky. ‘The arc of the Milky Way seen from a truly dark location is part of our planet’s natural heritage,’ said Connie Walker, and astronomer from the US National Optical Astronomy Observatory in Tucson, Arizona. Yet ‘more than one fifth of the world population, two thirds of the US population and one half of the European Union population have already lost naked eye visibility of the Milky Way.'”

Article here.


Protect the Grand Canyon from Uranium Mining!

May 10, 2009

Before he left office, Bush-era Secretary of the Interior Dick Kempthorne ignored scientists and Congress and authorized destructive uranium mining on 1 million acres of land around the Grand Canyon. Soaring uranium prices have led mining companies to stake more than 10,600 claims on federal land – right along the Colorado River.

We can’t let this uranium mining destroy the Grand Canyon! The mining would threaten the drinking water for 30 million people living in the western United States and could devastate tourism, which generates more than half a billion dollars for the economy.

Urge your Representative to work with new Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to permanently protect the Grand Canyon from uranium mining and pass the Grand Canyon Protection Act.

Please, take action and sign the petition