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San Francisco to Toughen a Strict Recycling Law

June 11, 2009

BERKELEY, Calif. — San Francisco, which already boasts one of the most aggressive recycling programs in the country, has raised the ante, vowing to levy fines of up to $1,000 on those unwilling to separate their Kung Pao chicken leftovers from their newspapers.

The Board of Supervisors passed new recycling and mandatory composting rules on Tuesday in a 9-to-2 vote. The city already diverts 72 percent of the 2.1 million tons of waste its residents produce each year away from landfills and into recycling and composting programs. The new ordinance will help the city toward its goal of sending zero waste to landfills by 2020, said Jared Blumenfeld, director of the city’s Department of the Environment.

Under the new ordinance, residents will be issued three mandatory garbage bins: a black one for trash, a blue one for recyclables and a green one for compost.

Garbage collectors who spot orange peels or aluminum soda cans in a black trash bin will leave a note reminding the owner how to separate his trash properly. Anyone found repeatedly flouting recycling protocol will be issued fines of $100 for small businesses and single-family homes and up to $1,000 for large businesses and multiunit buildings. The city has put a moratorium on all fines until 2011 while residents learn the ropes.

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Check out my garden

May 21, 2009

This started as a jasmine bush and a lot of grass.  We got some reclaimed redwood and a lot of compost and made it into a garden.  It’s all organic.  I’ll keep updating on the progress.  Check it out…

13th Annual Legendary Boonville Beer Festival Is On! Rain Or Shine!

May 1, 2009

“The bahlest steinber hornin’, chiggrul gormin’, tidrick in the heelch of the Boont Region!”

This weekend…Be there.

Delta Spirit – Trashcan

April 21, 2009

What are the only mobile national monuments in the United States? Think about it for a while. Give up? It’s the San Francisco Cable Cars.

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Obama Unveils High-Speed Rail Plan

April 21, 2009

President Obama today put federal support behind a national high-speed rail plan than has been years in the making. Initial funding of $8 billion was included for high-speed rail projects in his stimulus package — to be spent over two years — and an additional $1 billion a year is being budgeted over the next five years.

According to the New York Times, the stimulus money has yet to be allocated to specific projects, but the key projects identified so far include:

– a northern New England line;
– an Empire line running east to west in New York State;
– a Keystone corridor running laterally through Pennsylvania;
– a southeast network connecting the District of Columbia to Florida and the Gulf Coast;
– a Gulf Coast line extending from eastern Texas to western Alabama;
– a corridor in central and southern Florida;
– a Texas-to-Oklahoma line;
– a California corridor from San Francisco to Los Angeles (already approved by CA voters)
– and a corridor in the Pacific Northwest.

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FDA – EPA Look Away As Drugs Are Dumped Into Drinking Water

April 21, 2009

Federal regulators have consistently looked away as Big Pharma and other manufacturers poured at least 271 million pounds of drugs into waterways that supply US drinking water, the AP reports. Records kept unintentionally by the FDA and EPA show that 22 compounds, some considered dangerous by scientists, have leaked into America’s water supply. But drug-makers say they’re in compliance with federal laws—and officials agree.

Critics say it amounts to a “don’t ask, don’t tell” approach to monitoring US drinking water. And preliminary results of new government tests show that drug manufacturers are in fact emitting unusually high amounts of medicine into waterways. “It doesn’t pass the straight-face test to say pharmaceutical manufacturers are not emitting any of the compounds they’re creating,” said a former EPA officer.

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First-Ever Nationwide Pro-Marijuana TV Ad Campaign Is Launched On Major Networks For 4/20

April 21, 2009

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Official 9/11 Commission version of September 11 R.I.P.

April 13, 2009

The Danish aren’t afraid of reporting the truth, what do you think?

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The Most Wasteful American Cities Revealed!

April 1, 2009

If you live in San Francisco, you have yet another reason to pat yourself on the back: according to a recent survey of 3,750 people living in the 25 largest U.S. cities, San Franciscans are the least-wasteful people in the country.

The research firm Greenfield Online polled at least 150 residents of each of the biggest 25 cities in the country about their shopping, recycling, transportation, lifestyle and environmental outlook to gauge just how green these cities actually are.

San Francisco’s high rankings:
• Recycling – 1st
• Reusing wrapping paper – 1st
• Turning off the water while brushing teeth – 1st
• Avoiding driving for trips that are less than 2 miles from home- 1st
• Using reusable containers in place of single-serve bottles of water/soda or other beverages – 2nd
• Reusing zip-lock bags and tin foil – 2nd
• Participating in their city’s sustainability/environmental programs – 2nd
• Using energy efficient light bulbs – 2nd
• Saving leftovers and meals to eat again – 2nd
• Buying bulk food to avoid extra packaging – 2nd
• Taking public transportation – 2nd

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Bicycles + Colored Chalk = The prettiest revolution ever

March 31, 2009

I have yet to see this in the streets of Brooklyn, but a local product development firm, Studio Geraldi, has come up with Contrail – a device that attaches to the rear of your bike and deposits a colorful streak of chalk to the back tire as you ride along to your destination. This is how they put it:

“As you ride, contrail leaves a faint chalk line behind your bike. The goal is to encourage a new cycle of biking participation by allowing the biking community to leave a unique mark on the road and to reclaim this crucial shared space.”

I’m guessing that mass production will take a while (the project was a finalist/not a winner of the Design21 “Power to the Pedal” design competition last year) but I can’t imagine a better way to mark your territory and sure beats the gasoline stains on my street from the auto shop next door.

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