Monsanto in the McSpotlight

Monsanto is an American-owned international agro-chemical and foods conglomerate. It employs about 45,000 people and peddles over eight billion dollars a year in chemical products all over the world. While Monsanto has been critised for some time for their production of NutraSweet and the genetically engineered rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone), the latest criticism is for it’s moves into the world of GMOs (genetically manipulated organisams). They produce ‘RoundUp Ready’ soya beans that are genetically altered to be resistant to their chemical herbicide ‘Roundup’ (the biggest selling agro-chemical in the world with sales totalling more than $620 million a year), which provides 40% of the companies operating profit.
Take a look at the Monsanto corporate web site and you might be excused for mistaking Monsanto for a caring company with only our best interests at heart. In ‘The Monsanto Pledge’ (which includes the slogan ‘We pledge to be part of the solution’, the company lays down seven principles that describe the company’s apparent vision for a sustainable environment. They pledge to:

Reduce all toxic and hazardous releases and emissions, working toward an ultimate goal of zero effect;
Ensure no Monsanto operation poses any undue risk to our employees and our communities;
Work to achieve sustainable agriculture through new technology and practices;
Ensure groundwater safety;
Keep our plants open to our communities and involve the community in plant operations;
Manage all corporate real estate, including plant sites, to benefit nature; and
Search worldwide for technology to reduce and eliminate waste from our operations, with the top priority being not making it in the first place.

The propaganda continues with Bob Shapiro, the CEO of Monsanto, declaring;
“We take our responsibilities to our customers, employees, shareowners and people of the world very seriously.”
“..we’re working very hard to make sure our products and manufacturing facilities are safe for the people who use them and for the environment we live in. ”
“..we’re trying to improve people’s lives all over the world.”
“What is important and valuable to you is important and valuable to us.”

It all sounds very nobel but words are just words, and their record tells a different story…

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