Manatees are facing their biggest threat ever, Please sign Petition

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS), after conducting a 5-year review of the manatee’s federal imperiled status, has recommended the manatee for down-listing from “endangered” to “threatened.”

This proposal is an OUTRAGE when the number of mortalities in 2008 for manatee calves is record breaking.

This is all about the $. No one profits by trying to save manatees. However, by saving the manatee, many other species are preserved as well as critical habitat. The conservation of the manatee’s ecosystem is good for ALL life.

In the last week, Florida has been whirlwind of devastating political agenda… from offshore drilling to giving a open-range “free pass” to commercial land developers.

These actions are politically driven. With the price of coastal land skyrocketing, powerful groups like the homebuilder’s association and the marine industries have been lobbying for a long time to get the manatee’s imperiled status changed in order to gut protective regulations and increase their profit margins. This is what it’s always been about, no matter how they or the government wildlife agencies try to portray it.

Please sign for the manatees by adding your information to this ‘quick sign’ letter:
You will be sending the following online letter to Dirk Kempthorne, U.S. Secretary of the Interior; H. Dale Hall, Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; and Florida Governor Charlie Crist, to let them know you strongly oppose the manatee’s down-listing at this time.


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2 Responses to “Manatees are facing their biggest threat ever, Please sign Petition”

  1. Sean Says:

    You might want to update the info. Ken Salazar is the U.S. Secretary of the Interior.

  2. heyyyy Says:

    heyya are wht a picture ..x ”/

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