Take Action: Obama about to act on mountaintop removal mining

In only hours, we expect President Obama’s agencies to decide whether to keep his campaign promise and end mountaintop removal mining—a devastating practice that has destroyed hundreds of mountains and thousands of miles of streams in Appalachia.

This is one of the most critical moments in our years-long fight to stop this environmental tragedy.

But, even as you read this, the powerful lobbying forces of King Coal are banging on the White House door, urging Obama to break his promise. Coal’s forces run deep and are gathering. They know that Obama is about to make a decision. Their voices are loud.

We need to be louder.

But we must act fast. Decisions are expected as early as tomorrow, and Tuesday is a big day in court.

Please act now. Tell President Obama not to support Bush administration policies that continue the irreversible and destructive practice of mountaintop removal. Urge President Obama to keep his promise to enforce the Clean Water Act and let science lead policies on coal mining.

We have reasons to be concerned about Obama’s decision. Some in his administration have publicly stated that most pending permits for mountaintop removal mining “will not raise environmental concerns.” There are nearly 100 permits poised to bury and permanently destroy 432 valleys and 213 miles of streams in Kentucky and West Virginia alone. Permits that were halted are now being reviewed.

Tell President Obama to finally take action and prevent the permanent devastation of some of the world’s oldest mountains—and the communities that surround them. Don’t let dirty coal win! Talk is cheap, it’s time that President Obama make his words the law.

Please act today. It soon could be too late.

Sign here.


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