More states want solar power to be option on new homes

A growing number of states are moving to require home builders to offer solar electricity and hot-water systems in new homes, right alongside more traditional options such as fancy kitchen countertops and special window treatments.

“It’s just like the granite countertop upgrade or the two-car garage or the larger closet — these are options the homeowner can choose to purchase,” said Jeff Lyng, the renewable energy program manager for Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter’s Energy Office.

In Colorado, lawmakers are considering a bill that would require builders to offer a range of options, from pre-wiring the home for solar power to full installation of a solar system. The legislation would also require builders to tell buyers they can roll the cost of the system into their mortgage, reducing up-front costs, Lyng said.

“What this begins to do is standardize things. We’re trying to build Colorado’s infrastructure to be ready for solar,” Lyng said.

The Colorado proposal has passed in the state House and awaits Senate consideration. Ritter, a Democrat who had solar panels installed at the Governor’s Mansion in Denver several years ago, said he plans to sign the bill.

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One Response to “More states want solar power to be option on new homes”

  1. greenhomesamerica Says:

    Hopefully folks won’t ignore solar hot water. It is quite affordable and depending on several variables can pay for itself in 5-7 years (although it won’t power your laptop, TV, or refrigerator). It works in sunny climates–and it works in cloudy climates. It’s a great entree into renewables. See a basic description of the system we use at

    Thanks and good luck!

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