Are Humans Losing Touch with Nature?

With so much of life based on electronic representations of reality, humans risk losing touch with nature, says University of Washington psychologist Peter Kahn.

From web cams that offer views of wildlife to virtual tours of the Grand Canyon to robotic pets, modern technology increasingly is encroaching into human connections with the natural world. Kahn and his colleagues believe this intrusion may emerge as one of the central psychological problems of our times.

“We are a technological species, but we also need a deep connection with nature in our lives,” Kahn argues.

“Robot and virtual pets are beginning to replace children’s interactions with biologically live pets,” Ruckert said. “The larger concern is that technological nature will shift the baseline of what people perceive as the full human experience of nature, and that it will contribute to what we call environmental generational amnesia.”

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2 Responses to “Are Humans Losing Touch with Nature?”

  1. thegrip Says:

    no way i have google earth

  2. Mackay D James Says:

    I totally agree, my friend. This maybe a little off topic, but I was just thinking to myself awhile ago about how poor peoples’ judgement has gotten in traffic due to the invention of the traffic light. Since about 1923, people have become completley reliant on that little box up on a pole that posesses three different colors indicating what they should do and what they should not do it; completely stripping away their natural opportunities to make smart decisions. And nowadays they’ve even got blinking yellow lights, left turn only lights, don’t walk and walk signals for the pedestrians and etc. It’s crazy how all our faith in ourselves to make smart decisions on whether to “go” or not gets channeled or handed over willingly to a stupid black box because some inventor had a few bad experiences while driving through somewhere very trafficky long ago.
    Lastly, who needs to be a wonderfully talented photographer when any moron with a $100 digital camera and the latest version of photoshop on his home PC can snap a shot. LOL.

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