The Most Wasteful American Cities Revealed!

If you live in San Francisco, you have yet another reason to pat yourself on the back: according to a recent survey of 3,750 people living in the 25 largest U.S. cities, San Franciscans are the least-wasteful people in the country.

The research firm Greenfield Online polled at least 150 residents of each of the biggest 25 cities in the country about their shopping, recycling, transportation, lifestyle and environmental outlook to gauge just how green these cities actually are.

San Francisco’s high rankings:
• Recycling – 1st
• Reusing wrapping paper – 1st
• Turning off the water while brushing teeth – 1st
• Avoiding driving for trips that are less than 2 miles from home- 1st
• Using reusable containers in place of single-serve bottles of water/soda or other beverages – 2nd
• Reusing zip-lock bags and tin foil – 2nd
• Participating in their city’s sustainability/environmental programs – 2nd
• Using energy efficient light bulbs – 2nd
• Saving leftovers and meals to eat again – 2nd
• Buying bulk food to avoid extra packaging – 2nd
• Taking public transportation – 2nd

Find your city here.


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