Bicycles + Colored Chalk = The prettiest revolution ever

I have yet to see this in the streets of Brooklyn, but a local product development firm, Studio Geraldi, has come up with Contrail – a device that attaches to the rear of your bike and deposits a colorful streak of chalk to the back tire as you ride along to your destination. This is how they put it:

“As you ride, contrail leaves a faint chalk line behind your bike. The goal is to encourage a new cycle of biking participation by allowing the biking community to leave a unique mark on the road and to reclaim this crucial shared space.”

I’m guessing that mass production will take a while (the project was a finalist/not a winner of the Design21 “Power to the Pedal” design competition last year) but I can’t imagine a better way to mark your territory and sure beats the gasoline stains on my street from the auto shop next door.

Article here.


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2 Responses to “Bicycles + Colored Chalk = The prettiest revolution ever”

  1. bluprint27 Says:

    this makes me happy…just think we can use it as a tracking device….where’s shawn…chalk line leads to taqueria cancun…then theives

  2. thegrip Says:

    I kind of love this.

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