California can lead the Nation out of this Depression by legalizing Marijuana

California could once again become the nation’s leader in new industries, creating jobs in every sector. Our currently illegal crops could also be used for hemp clothing, oil, and the other byproducts of this bountiful plant. Jobs would be created and we’d save money in so many ways.

Betty Yee, who chairs the state Board of Equalization, which collects the sales tax in California, is in favor of this landmark legislation.

Right now Californians pay $170 million a year for arrests, prosecution and imprisonment of pot offenders, according to statistics released from NORML. Poof! That would go up in smoke, and reduce the prison population as well.

Right now there’s talk among lawmakers of an early release program for as many as 58,000 prisoners in the next couple of years because of overcrowding and fiscal shortfalls. There are plenty of good reasons to support AB 390.

As It Stands, it’s time to legalize marijuana and jumpstart California’s sagging economy into the 21st century.

Article here.


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