Arctic ice ‘could melt by 2013’

A new study on climate change says that the Arctic is warming up so quickly that the region’s summer ice cover could vanish as early as 2013, decades earlier than some had predicted.

A team of scientists have spent the last 10 years on Ward Hunt Island, a remote spot at least 4,000km northwest of Ottawa, studying the summer ice cover in the Canadian Arctic, a few degrees from the North Pole.

“We are losing, irreversibly, major features of the Canadian ice scape and that suggests that these more pessimistic models are really much closer to reality.”

The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world and the sea ice cover shrank to a record low in 2007 before growing slightly in 2008.

Researchers say some of the damage would be permanent and that the warming in the Arctic was a sign of what the rest of the world could expect.

“Some of the environmental effect is unstoppable. We’re in a train of events at the moment where there are changes taking place that we are unable to reverse, the loss of these ice shelves, for example,” Vincent said.

Read article here.


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